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Plot A144 Mpape, by Jubilation avenue/Katampe Junction near ITV

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24hrs Service:
> General Practice/Specialist care
> Antenatal care (ANC)
> Immunization
> Emergency services
Physiotherapy Services

Our Physiotherapy service delivers care to patients, both adults and children, throughout our hospital departments as well as in outpatient, community and rural settings.
Our Physiotherapists aim to restore a person’s function, maximising their mobility and health and minimizing their dysfunction. Treatment is tailored to each individual and is based on the patient’s needs. This means it extends to patients who have had recent surgery, musculo-skeletal conditions, respiratory complications, amputations, neurological conditions, vestibular conditions (sense of balance) and incontinence from pelvic floor dysfunction.

Our Services include

  • Assessment of patients, including their functional ability, impairment and medical history
  • Identification of areas for functional improvement and planning of rehabilitation goals
  • Treatment and evaluation of patient’s progress towards rehabilitation goals
  • Education and training of patients, families and / or carers
  • Amputee clinics
  • Orthotics clinics (artificial devices e.g. splints, braces)

"Health is not valued till sickness comes."

- Thomas Fuller